THE HOOD # 325

Artists: 3rdscrew
Location: near McIver railway station, Perth

These walls went up about 7 months ago, but I only recently got around to photographing them. Definitely one of my current fav walls, the style has a cool old New York feel/vibe to it...

Two walls
Drive Wall
Barbed Wall


Gregoryno6 said…
There's been a couple of overdue demolitions recently. When I say 'overdue' I only mean that the buildings concerned have been rotting away for long periods and frankly, if they were pets, you'd have put them out of their misery well before now.
One was the corner milk bar in Walcott Street. There are signs up advertising a new residential/commercial development but in the current climate that seems optimistic.
Also gone is old Demo By Neglect in Woodsome Street. That place had been vacant for about fifteen years - a shame to see what was once a fine house decaying and vandalised. I'm not looking forward to whatever goes up to replace it.