So I was watching a random vid on the web and decided to check its source page which was called Youku. I think it's a Chinese YouTube/Streaming type service. Completely in Chinese, as you would expect, so I clicked the Chrome translator and that's when the fun started, because it's always fun to laugh at bad translations right?

Well to be fair nobody enjoys a bad story historical movie do they? 

Whaddya mean the N kind? Also Desktop humor, okay I'd like to see that

There's a lot going on in the "big movie came" section. I really want to see a movie about a Black Vineyard Hand Shredded Hornet Transformer. Clearly they aren't a Christopher Nolan fan, not with that critique at least, and I think somebody has a male underwear fetish 
The best kind of suspense movie? But now I'm confused with the Belly black woman playing a small white, the tight enforcing of Liu's chest and the survey slag... oh hang on, I know what category this is meant to be!
This one's just confusing
 Oh yes, yes I like the nonsense movies very much
 I don't even... I mean, I got nothing here, its...wait what now?
Whimsy movies AND it's open whimsy?! I agree, there's no real proof that Pirates of the Caribbean was actually a movie. Looks like a bit of animal/dragon love action going on in the middle one which is... weird, and Emma's just hangin with her big beastly cousin for some "magical" love.

This never happened in Star Trek