Here in my hometown of Perth there's a guy I call "sweary skateboard dude"

He's a guy who power house skates everywhere on his longboard screaming at people to get the fuck out of his way, often at people who arent actually there.

Well he slides past my shop daily, I can often hear him coming as the swearing increases in intensity the closer he gets.

Today was a little different, he stopped at my shop and approached the front door, I completely expected a load of sweary words to be hurtled into my shop and at me but no..

"Hey man, I really dig your shop, thought I'd have a look at your stuff"

Yeah man come on in (I know I'm pushing my luck at this point but I see no reason to not treat him like any other person)

"Nah I'm all sweaty man, but I really dig your little shop hey"

Sweaty from planking everywhere huh (I'm pointing at his long board)

"Yeah heh heh, hey were you ever a graffiti artist?"

Me? nah but I know a few who..

"Oh you're brother is! I KNOW YOUR BROTHER hey man?! I knew it :)"

(I go with it) Yep, that's him, cool

"Well I love your shop brother gotta go..."

He paused by the windows for a little bit before pushing off to where ever it is he shreds to every day

And that was my interaction with sweary skateboard guy, my shop calmed him, actually come to think of it "Mad Dog Adrian" a guy who pushbikes everywhere screaming at people also came by a few months ago and said hello and made a joke about the weather... maybe my shop calms people, maybe it's me, who knows.

But I guess the message in this story is that when you see these "crazy" dudes around the traps try to remember that deep down inside there's a human, one who probably just wants a bit of friendly banter.