A few years ago when I was living in Ballarat, I used to walk past this restaurant called Sebastiaans. Every time I would think to myself how much it reminded me of New York and the diners you found on corners there. Then just now I came across this pic of the SE corner of Canal Street and Broadway in New York (taken in 1984). Instantly made me think of Sebastiaans.

I only have a night time shot of Sebastiaans, but you can still see why I thought what I thought

See I'm not crazy... you are!


Blon Dee said…
Love this Stu! The best thing about you living in Ballarat was that we got to see Ballarat through fresh eyes. Unfortunately for you the exterior is being painted so it will look a little more Paris and a little less New York now.

stu said…
Ha! :)
I'd hope it wasn't the BEST thing, just one of the best things ;)