My birthday again? Already?!

Well it will be tomorrow, but as usual I'll celebrate it a day early. This is what happens when your friends work Monday to Friday, for some stupid reason they aren't allowed to leave work and step out with me when my birthday falls on a week day. What's up with that?!

Anyway, this is what I looked like the day after last year. I'll see if I can replicate shall I? Check in tomorrow or maybe the next day for proof.



Lisa said…
Hope you had/have a good birthday!

So how many years young are you?
Stu said…
a couple more that I wish I was, we'll leaveit at that shall we :o)
Ranx said…
Many happy returns (never really understood that saying?). I have a rule where I never work on my birthday so i can spend the time preparing or recovering from a hangover :-)
Stu said…
hey thanks, sadly I am at work today but the hangover is interfering with any actual productive work hehe