It was a few days ago (last Sunday) but I've been too busy to blog it. A bunch of us caught the show this year after a years absence - didn't really like last years lineup - this year was a different story.
We caught Evermore, My Chemical Romance and Eskimo Joe early up. Eskimo Joe being the highlight of those 3, Evermore were good but My C Romance were just too damn EMO for my liking.

Evermore arrive

Eskimo Joe
Eskimo Joe - local boys so a crowd fave
I then made the mistake of leaving the mosh pit to get some water, "I'll get back in don't worry" Famous last words, the pic below shows how big the crowd grew once The Killers came on and why I couldn't get back into the mosh.......
Killers Crowd
so I watched The Killers from this angle, which kinda sucked............
The Killers
decided to go for a wander and see what else was going on and found this tent with some cool DJ's mixing it and had a dance with the girl in the skirt, she was fairly trashed but fun......
The Gang
Chris, Wazza, Cazza and Amanda show some pre mosh angst ...
The Crew

I seem to have a calming effect on them ...
Vegemite Roll
Chris enjoys a vegemite roll, kindly provided from Ingrids backpack of essential big day out goodies, man she even had celery sticks in there......
Nacho Libre
This dude, well let's just call him Nacho Libre, had to be damn hot under that thing...
The highlight of the day though was Muse, they blew the place away, literally exploding onto the stage with an awesome light and video display. Even the sound quality was fantastic...

This cutie was giving away free hugs, so who was I to refuse such an offer, not sure who the lil dude next to her was
Sideshow Alley
At the end of the night Wazza, Amanda and I shot up to the boiler room and danced to the awesome beats of The Crystal Method, they put the boiler room outside this year, great idea
Crystal Method
So another one goes by, great one too, looking to next year or looking back to 2 years ago