Just got in from seeing this film, so I'm blogging it whilst it's fresh.
A powerful film, hits home with me as I used to get chased by skinheads a lot when I was in my teens and beaten up by them occasionally (I could run fast so they rarely caught me and DM's arent built for pace). I also have a good mate who's an ex skinhead, Mick, though he was a true skinhead and not one of the later day National Front racist/fascist pricks everyone usually associates with the scene. For all I know though Mick may have been one of those chasing me, ha! Skinheads and mods just didn't get along most of the time. I soon tired of being a mod - read: beaten up - so I eventually drifted away from it all, but I digress............
The film captures both sides of that scene brilliantly as well as life in England in the 80's, Thatcher, the Falklands War, racism etc. It has a killer sound track and the kid who is the star is a great little actor, awesome first time effort.
Brought back some great memories. Go see it.
Time to go dig up my old Specials and The Jam cassettes.
Good Times.

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Anonymous said…
A Must see and on the list.Looks like a pommy version of Romper Stomper.

lil bro
Stu said…
NO!!!!!! Everyone says that, sure it's kind of like Romper in that it's about Skinheads, but the message of anti racism whilst similar is dealt with differently and it's set in England in the 80's with Thatcherism and coal strikes and the Falklands war all part of the plot, so yeah nothing like Romper really.

Thats a bit like saying every western is the same, yeah they have cowboys and indians but..............

Better than Romper methinks
the coffee addict said…
I wonder if the next few generations will look back at this era and think wow emos, how cool. It just doesn't have the same ring as mods, punks, grunge does it?

I'm def gonna try and watch this film.
Stu said…
Oh dear god, if in years to come emos are looked back on fondly and they make "powerful emotive" movies about them, I'll be a grumpy arsed old man still blogging about how much they suck/ed hahaha
Irishman said…
Watched this tonight - wow, what a film. Pretty much what I expected, but still managed to impress. Very powerful, and raw. And yeah, the kid is an A1 actor.