I finally finished renovating my other apartment, which is a good thing as my tennant moves in today! So had a bunch of friends over there for drinks last night (pics of before and after to follow). Then it was off to a new restaurant in Bulwer St Northbridge called Nahm, Thai fusion is the best way to describe it I guess. Great food, service a bit slow but to be fair they are still ironing out the kinks and it was only day 3 or 4 since their opening. Will give it a second go in a few weeks.

From there it was a short hop down the road to one of Perths last live Indi Rock venues, the Hyde Park Hotel. Our buddy Chris and the band he is in Afraid of Flying were in the semi finals of a comp which had no prize really, except recognition, which isn't a bad thing. They only had a 20 minute set to impress the judges with and 4 songs later it was all over. Then the winner, who is through to the finals, was announced................................."The winner is Afraid of Flying" wooohooo. December 7th at the Hyde Park, if you're not doing anything get along. The links above go their myspace page.
No Papparazzi
I know, it's tough being famous Chris, just so NO TO PAPARAZZI
afraid of flying
It's the band man
I've always thought the coolest spot in a band is the Bass Guitarist, you get to sling the weapon low and strum away and always have enough time to peruse the babes in the crowd, or in Ingrids' (she of the food filled back pack at the big day out fame) case the gentlemen hunks.
Lucy belts out another fine tune
Ace breaks out the beat
Chris does a solo, it's all about the solo man
disco balls
A gig isn't a gig without the mandatory disco balls

Macca and I decided that this pic was the worthy of a cover so here's a quick mock up. In all good record stores soon.

Now to the vids, captured some of the act but due to YouTube size limits and the fact that I wanted the best quality capture my cam could provide, I couldn't get the whole song, you can listen to a full and better version of Sixes and Sevens and a few others here.

The first number for the night - Sixes and Sevens

Bows and Arrows

Chris does some fine guitar work interspersed with special guest Wazza aka The Man in the Crowd