End of the line in a couple of ways, firstly I'm home and it feels good.


It's going to be a big weekend. Off to see Muse in concert tonight at the Supreme Court Gardens, if their set at this years Big Day Out was anything to go by this should be an awesome gig. Then I have a sort of suprise birthday celebration tomorrow, mentioned it here earlier and despite my best efforts I still don't know what we're doing, GAH! Stay tuned.
Two days ago we were trekking the bush near the mine site when we suddenly stumbled (well I knew it was there I just hadn't seen it yet) upon this.

Rail Cut

It's basically the end of the line for the new railway being built from the mine to Port Hedland. Weird to see a road (well it's actually a railway base minus the rails) just head straight into a wall of rock, a touch of Hogwarts perhaps.

Rail cutting

Railway ends


Ranx said…
Happy Birthday Stu!

Hope you're not feeling your age too much this time around.
Stu said…
hehehehe after last nights effort which wasn't really a huge one, I'm feeling every year of it :)