Out surveying in the bush today and our crew came upon this Bungarra. Now normally the Nyiyaparli Aboriginal guys with us would pounce on one of these and we would have had goanna for lunch. Luckily for him/her we stumbled across him half an hour after we had eaten our lunch. So instead of a quick dispatching to goanna heaven I shot him with my camera instead.


Watch the vid below to catch a glimpse of its amazingly blue tongue, if you listen closely you can hear it hiss just before I turn all chicken like and start to run, I thought he was about to go me haha! Big brave hunter NOT! Careful with the sound though as there's a bit of colourful languge mixed in with the laughter as the crew send it on its merry way. You'll also kind of get to see how fast they can run, though a bit fast for my mighty camera skills. Today was a good day for this goanna. I'm kinda happy it was too, but that's our lil secret.

EDIT: My god what is wrong with my video, first youtube and now tinypic delete it, why? There wasn't anything awful on it, okay so I said the F word, oh my gawd how rude. Screw it. I'm not uploading it again,