It seems there's just more to tell about the spaceship, I've found a few more bits on it and seeing as it attracted more discussion on this blog than any other post I figured people might want to see it all.
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As a result of the original post a dude sent a link to his webpage all about Futuro Houses.
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There has also been a student video made about it which features members of the Indie Rock band Jebbediah, who actually featured a Futuro House on the cover of their album Slightly Odway

The Futuro House was in Perth as part of the Collier Home Expo and below are some images of it in its' original location. At this time it was being used as a real estate office. It was then moved to the Willetton location.
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I do love a bit of urban archaeology.


Anonymous said…
do you have anymore information on this place? is it still somewere in perth?
i run a website www.perthsbest.wordpress.com and i featured one of those pictures a while back, i would love to know more!
please let me know!
Stu said…
Hi Tom

Yeah I've been following your blog for a while now.

I don't have anymore info on it other than what is on my blog, if you click the Futuro House tag under the post you'll find 2 more posts on it, one of them very recent.

As far as anyone can tell it ended up in someones backyard in the hills and the latest pics on my blog seem to confirm that.

There is a discussion group on facebook called "Bring Back The Leach Hwy/Karel Ave Spaceship" that's where I found some of my pics, the rest is my own memory. Hope that helps.
Anonymous said…
Hey guys I grew up in Shelley and saw it pretty much every day.Speaking to my mate the other day about the old Spaceship and he reckons it was sold or given to some guy who has it in pieces in his back yard in Morley area.Could possibly be salvaged and reassembled somewhere.C if I can find out more.Let you know.....
stu said…
almost right, it's actually in a back yard in High Wycombe. The person who has it wants $10,000.00 for it. So I doubt it's going to be reconstructed any time soon :(


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Anonymous said…
Hi Stu, my friend Paul McNeil, Futuro House expert/owner is currently visiting WA. Paul would love to see or know the current where abouts of the Perth Futuro house. Do you have a contact or an address? My no is 0410935542 or jasmin@jasminjonesjewellery.com.
Jasmin Jones
Hi Stu - I know this is a very old post but if you ever revisit there is some additional info and photos on the one that started life in the Collier Home Expo and now resides in a High Wycombe back yard here - http://thefuturohouse.com/Futuro-High-Wycombe-Perth-Australia.html - thanks