Photobucket I'm now starting to believe that the catering company up here is going broke. The staff must have been instructed to save money at every opportunity, they may even be offering financial incentives to any staff member who can come up with the best money saving scheme.
Something is going on because hot on the heels of the tomato tops saga comes the fruit bread crust controversy.
This morning as I reached into a bag of fruit bread (I do love a nice slice of warm buttery fruit toast for breakfast) I pulled out a crust, like most people I'm not very partial to the crust, so I dug a little deeper. I pulled out another crust, hmmmm, so I went deeper and yet another crust appeared. Now I'm pretty sure I've never seen a loaf of bread with more than two ends/crusts, so something was wrong.
As I dug deeper a wave of realisation suddenly swept over me, this was a complete bag of crusts, every slice in this bread bag was a crust. So not only is someone in that kitchen saving up all of the tomato ends they are also diligently saving up the leftover crusts from the bread and re packaging it into loaves.
I kid you not.


Anonymous said…
That'll learn ya to dis the kitchen lady ,they have long memories , lol . Reb .
P.S. Take all the crusts and make bread pudding .
Stu said…
I'm sure that's where they usually end up.

The woman obviously hates me, I shall have my revenge
Anonymous said…
maybe it's her way of flirting ,
she puts all these weird things out ,
hoping you'll ask for the better stuff ,
therefore starting a dialogue .

Flirt back i say , lol . Reb.

P.S. I'll keep Yuki occupied with a new box of ping pong balls ,
if ya want ;o)
Maja said…
Dude, who is doing your catering?

The catering company is paid a certain amount per person by the client for catering. Fortescue must be skimping on the money for food...

If that was happening at Jundee, all we would have to do is to complain to human resources. They seem to be the ones to take care of kitchen/camp issues. You should totally speak out.

A full bag of fruit toast crusts is just going too far!!!
Stu said…
agreed. We have recently found out that they have lost the contract so we are in for a change. There was 2 loaves of crusts in the bread bin yesterday ahahaha