I seriously have a memory issue. I swore I wouldn't miss this one, I even wrote a post it note and stuck it near my puter screen.................and yet I did. Every year I miss it by a day, exhibit A and exhibit B, this year I went one better and missed it by 2 days. Next time I'll miss it again but then I'll pretend it's like a tradition to miss it or something and that it's what I meant to do. No promises I remember to miss it though...ha!


To celebrate 3 years of YeLPar here's a vid of James Brown teaching you how to dance. Once you've mastered the boogaloo, which remember "is probably one of the hardest dances in the world", play the second vid then get up and dance and shout "happy birthday woohooo!!!"

take a boogaloo lesson

now dance


Maja said…
Happy blogday!
Stu said…
hahaha thankyou
Anonymous said…
oh fine you remember yelpars birthday , but not mine . :o( Yuki
Anonymous said…
hip ray , hip ray , hip ray . - Reb.