Always good to get home, I love the sight of my place each time I return. Everything just how I left it.................well not really.
The first sign that something was wrong was the little bits of torn up paper all over my verandah, second was the wall ornament thingy that hangs by my door was no longer on the wall but on my doormat. Puzzling. Third was new neighbour girl leaning over the landing to tell me about the woman she found sheltering in my doorway last Friday.
Ahuh!! She was apparently tearing up the newspaper, collecting all the head shots of real estate agents from the classified section, no doubt a hit list, I'm not overly fond of real estate agents myself. So no real harm done. Except she'd opened some of my mail and stuffed it all into one envelope along with some of the head shots.
Hey it comes with the territory when you live inner city.
So I decided to go through the stuffed envelope and see if amongst all the torn pages was any of my mail, didn't look like there was and then BINGO. Not my mail but a hypodermic needle wrapped in some paper. Thank god I didn't plunge my hands straight in there, sixth sense I guess, I've come across a fair few of these living and working around Northbridge.
Bit scary though and now I'm a bit pissed off and angry that she would leave it there like that. In the end no real harm but..................not happy.


Anonymous said…
Yuki not taking the break-up well ?
Stu said…
haha if only the needle was as imaginary as yuki :|