Yeah lame intro I know, but I may make it a theme.
I'm finally over my jet lag, just in time for my return to work..........lucky me huh?
Actually it's good to be back, the weather is getting milder up here and hey I get to go exploring again. Who can complain about that. I'm actually feeling better about the trip the further I distance myself from the jet lag. See, there where great bits and personally some not so great bits. That said I'm not gonna share those personal not so great bits here, it's not really that interesting.
So first up an update on my crappy flight there, the flight home was amazingly quick, in fact apart from a one hour late take off from Heathrow all went well. As we landed in Singapore we actually exited our plane at gate C23 and then ducked immediately down the adjacent C24 gate and onto the next plane which moved off almost straight away. A bit like changing trains in a subway. In fact I even got bumped up to business class on the Milan to London leg. I was sitting in my seat when a small nervous looking BA employee approached me holding a ticket stub, first thing I thought was "Oh no, no way, there is no error, I am ON THIS PLANE!!
"Excuse me"
"Um, you've been upgraded to business class"
Oh finally a win, I even answered as if it was expected "Okay fine thank you" see how I cleverly concealed my joy? Best bit was the dude behind him who was getting my seat, he was totally unaware as to how he was getting it and even looked at me with a bit of a sneer as he spurted out "Yes that's MY seat" as if I had sat in it by mistake.
Why yes it is and I happily strode forward and through into business class, I so hope he saw where I went but i doubt it, he was probably just thinking "Ha that told him"
So back to the update on the crappy trip there. When I arrived home to Perth I found a letter in the mail from QANTAS apologising for the delay in Singapore and hoping that the enclosed credit for $250.00 towards my next flight would in some way compensate me..........why yes it would.
Turin series in black and white

I'm actually not as pissed off as I appear in this pic, I was just concentrating on how to do a self pic

Me in Turin

Turin Karks and Marco

Turin 1

Turin - Street Scene

All of the smaller pics are on YeLPanorama along with a heap more of a black and white series I took in Turin, they look much better in the larger format.


tiff said…
Welcome back! Good to hear about your upgrade and compensation. I wish Qantas would reimburse me on all the crappy flights and especially on all the crappy airplane food I have to eat twice a year! :)
Stu said…
Thanks :)

All you need to do is get a 9 hour delay in Singapore ....... oh I guess that wouldn't help you would it hehehe
Anonymous said…
great photos bro.