Tiff says "show me ya big five". I say "tooright I will"

My top 5 Perth eating establishments

1. Little Clouds (ahahaha I kid)

1. Jacksons
2. DaBrunos
3. Balthazar
4. The Loose Box (I haven't been for a few years but I wouldn't think anything would have changed for the worse)
5. Il Lido (a new inclusion)
5a. Ria (it's in Leederville - Malaysian)
5b. Nahm (it's in Bulwer st - Thai)
Edit*: 5c. Nine (next door to Nahm - Japanese fusion)

told ya there was 7* and there's probably 1 more I can't think of.

Top 5 to want to eat at before I die

1.French Laundry
2. Il Bulli
3. The Fat Duck
4. Tetsuya's
5. La Gavroche
Damn, now I'm hungry
*I knew I'd remember once I slept on it


tiff said…
Oooo .... i've only tried Il Lido. DaBrunos, Balthazar and The Loose Box are also on my list of to-dos. I've heard good things about Ria but i can't bare to part $20 on a malaysian cuisine after growing up on it. It's kinda like paying $20 for potato and gravy :)
Stu said…
well....if it's good potato and gravy ;)...hehehe I can fully appreciate that, but it's sooooooo nice at Ria