Last night after waiting weeks to get a booking I took one of my BGF's to Jacksons to celebrate her birthday. As usual I was working away whilst another friend has a birthday party so this would make up for it and the bonus is that I get to go back there and eat, so we both win.
Janelle had never been there before nor had she ever had a dégustation experience so it was a no brainer as to what we'd have. Read on....


....the highlights were the crab, pig ear and truffle salad and the confit of duck, oh and the souffle at the end - wow! I was trying to work out how many times I've eaten there now and I think it's either 6 or 7, soooooo good.


Tiff said…
Oooohhhhh... was it good? I can't wait for first degustation experience too :) I'm scared they won't let me take photos.
Stu said…
oh it was most awesome, you will love it, well there was a group of 3 peeps on the table next to us who were taking some pics, so I think you'll be able to sneak a few, without flash though, that may annoy em.