Well today turned out to be a much better day for all things beer. After yesterdays' debacle it was nice to go somewhere that was actually able to serve a beer and some nice food and provide a nice atmosphere all of which where unavailable at that sad sad beer festival.

On the topic of the festival, my blog on that topic today gathered a whole lot of attention on the internet, which I admit was the idea, I felt the need to spread/maintain the rage. This was helped along by The Lazy Aussie over at The Worst Of Perth, who kindly ran my story. Fitting as it really was a worst of. Traffic to this lonely corner of the internet was almost 10 times higher than it normally is with people finding it via google and TWOP. Looking at the comments I managed to help someone save $300, allowed another to no longer feel sorry for themselves for missing it and generally allow people to vent along with me. Lets hope those responsible take a hint and next year they get it right.

So enough of that

Today was a new day and it saw the arrival of Claudio and Marco from Italy. You may remember Claudio from the Vespa workshop in Biella Italy. Awesome to see him here even if I wont see much of him as I'm away for the next 2 weeks with work, eh what can ya do?

Claudio and Marco

So we all met up at Little Creatures down Fremantle way for some food and drinks and generally had a buzz. That place is huge now and the boys in the Azzurri where a bit blown away by it all. Australia is a bit more full on when it comes to drinking spots than Italy is. They loved the place.

The Gang

Little Creatures

Claudio thumbs up

I'm not sure if Claudios thumbs up is for Aussie beer or Aussie girls, I'm gonna go with the later though.

Little Creatures Beer


lil bro said…
that azzurri boy Claudios loves the camera.
go son go love your work.LOL