I'm watching a replay of the Oscars right now and typing this up during the adverts. There's something about the Academy awards that makes me watch it each year, I'm not really sure what it is because let's face it they are usually soooooo boring.

So far Penelope Cruz has sat through probably the longest ever Best Supporting Actress introduction ever, I mean 5 presenters? really? do we need that? She did look awesome though and the movie she won it for is one of the better ones I saw last year.

So Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black are now presenting best animation film or something and Brad and Angie are sitting right in front of her on the front row, they did manage a "Cut to Jolie" moment, she was laughing so that's comfortable for every one isn't it.

So far though the highlight has been my old mate Hugh Jackman....


Tiff suggested in the comments that I elaborate on some of the "things" I posted below especially #12, as it's Hugh and all.

Whoops James Bond is fluffing his lines hehehe

So as per #12, I used to work with Hugh Jackman. It was right near the end of my cooking career and I was head chefing at a cafe/restaurant in Northbridge called Valentinos. Not the highlight of my culinary history but I at least had fun there. That's where I met Hugh, he was studying to be an actor at WAAPA and like all would be actors working as a waiter.

He had a shaved head back then, a #1 cut, and it's fair to say that every single waitress and female customer (and quite possibly a fair few boys) that came in there noticed Hugh.

ahahahaha Seth Rogan and James Franco, highlight number 2.

So yeah Hugh was a waiter and I was the chef. Now it is common nature that the kitchen staff in any restaurant will heap shit on the waiting staff, especially in Hugh's case. The reason being that there was a buzz about him even back then, everyone knew he was good, people in the know were already saying this guy was gonna crack the big time. And they were right, almost as soon as he left Valentinos he had a TV show and well the rest is history.

One of our usual digs at Hugh usually went like this (this is the clean version and I'm not just cleaning up my repsonses here either), delivered in a deadpan voice....

Me: so Hugh how's it goin?

Hugh: good Stu, and you?

M: yeah really good thanks

H: cool

M: so Hugh when are you gonna realise the truth?

H: the truth?

M: yeah the truth, the truth that almost all you would be actors just end up being waiters for the rest of your lives. You know you're gonna be here for years serving minestrone soup to ungrateful customers don't ya?

H: hahaha if you say so mate.

M: yeah, I mean what makes you so special that you get the big break, I mean I've seen you try and get me to cook a customers request that isn't on the menu, you're not that convincing

H: hehe f#ck off, I gotta go .......... (that last one is best left unclean for effect)

Now keep in mind this was fairly standard banter and he copped it from all the chefs not just me, but deep down we all knew this guys career was worth watching. And here I am right now watching him do a Hollywood dance number at the Oscars with Beyonce. I guess we were right. He is such a nice guy too that I believe if I bumped into him again he wouldn't think twice about having a beer with me or anyone else from those days.

Man I wish I'd kept one of his order tabs, one that had Hugh written in the space for the waiters name. Imagine what I could get for that on eBay :)

Well the truth is I already know who all the winners are and I think Hugh's done his big bits, not a bad effort, he might be a bit too casual Aussie, or folksie as the Americans call it, for the critics. I hope not. So I might hit the hay.

Oh god now we have 5 dudes out introducing the Best Supporting Actors, I hope they can this idea next time round. At least Heath won, although it has to be the worst kept secret ever.

I just remembered why I watch the Oscars, it's kind of morbid though, I watch it to see the bit where they show who died in the past year. It makes you go "oh wow that guy, really .... her?" I'm pretty sure Heath will be either the first or the last guy on that roll call tonight.


tiff said…
Wow, Valentinos. We used to go there on weekends in uni days. I'm trying to remember if any of the wait staff stood out. Hmmm ... nope. Bummer. Good story though.
Stu said…
if it was around 1996 then you had a chance of bumping into Hugh

man thats a long time ago :|
Stella said…
Aww I love Hugh. I met him a few years back when I first came to NY and I loved that he asked about my life in Perth.
I live around the corner from him but unfortunately never bump into him in the neighbourhood! :(
Stu said…
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Stu said…
yep, he's a genuinely nice guy. I was in the states about 8 years ago and cruisin through Hollywood with my ex and we were both like "Imagine if we bumped into Hugh right now, how much fun would that be" lol

of course we failed to find him :(