So I finally got to eat one of those bush oranges we spotted weeks ago. They are really small compared to an Asian orange (that's where the orange originated from if ya didn't know).


It has a pretty tough skin and amazing colouring on the inside. I'm always keen to experience new flavours so I was pretty pumped to eat this and it looked great. Imagine my sad face when I realised it didn't have much flavour at all, well no flavour I can pin down so I can't really say what it tastes similar too. It definately wasn't ike any sort of citrus. In fact I think it's only the shape and the skin that gives it the orange monicker, teh similarities end there.

It has the texture of slightly thicker than normal fairy floss and that's about it really. It wasn't horrible or anything but I think it would probably need sugar added to it to make it interesting. I certainly wont be planting fields of them and making a fortune from it any time soon.

bush orange

bush orange close up


Chris said…
I'm thinking it may be like Dragonfruit. If it is not quite ripe it has no real flavour. But when it is ripe the flavour is quite pronounced.
Stu said…
ahhh yeah you could be right as I wasn't sure it was exactly ripe when we picked it, close though but not fully ripe.