My brother Justin is in Cairns at the moment and sent this through. A couple of things to deal with here.

Firstly the name...Bushfire Flame Grill? Crappy timing I know, but even if we didn't have the tragic bush fires of a few months ago fresh in our memories why would you call a restaurant that? All I picture is charred native animals carcasses strewn across the landscape. Does this place serve cooked roadkill?

Secondly, a Brazilian inspired Aussie BBQ? How does that work exactly? Maybe Giselle Bundchen lookalikes serve the food, I could dig that. I know that Brazil has a BBQ tradition with their Gauchos and all but I picture half cows on a large BBQ when I think of that. Maybe that's what they do, couldn't imagine I'd take a hot looking girl like the one in the pic to an all the cow you can eat restaurant for a romantic date......she'd have to really love BBQ.

Bushfire flame grill


stella said…
Brazillian BBQ is AMAZING.
I've had it here in NY and they come up and carve the meat straight onto your plate. There was something like 26 different types of meat and it was an intense eating experience. You flip a disk (red on one side, green on the other) to say START or STOP.
Stu said…
I reckon it would be awesome, just not sure why they feel the need to add the Aussie bit. Probably they think people in the far north east don't wouldn't eat "foreign" food lol