Home a day early due to hurting my lower back a few days ago. Treatment tomorrow should sort it all out. They say it comes in threes....bad luck that is. So lets call that number 1

#2: I walk into my apartment after having been away for 2 weeks and straight away I sense something's not quite right. A quick look round and I can't put my finger on it. Meh, I'm being stupid. Well I thought I was until I heard the sound of water falling in the bathroom, hmmm tap mustn't be turned off fully. Oh no, not the tap, there's water coming through the ceiling. Horror flashbacks to a similar incident back in the past, (wow my place looks different now HA!) thankfully this time it's in the bathroom and a plumber will be here tomorrow to fix it. Upstairs pipes must be rusted through.

#3: Mopped up the mess in the bathroom and then started checking 2 weeks worth of mail. Opened my phone bill and had a mild heart attack from seeing the numbers $1575.16 in the place that usually says $79.00 (or similar).

phone bill

Don't panic, it must be a typo, must mean $157.50, yeah that's it a typo. Ring Telstra they'll confirm it. So I ring, yes they confirm that's the amount. No no no, it can't be. After 30 minutes of terror we work out that the new data plan I had set up on my phone 2 weeks ago was done incorrectly their end, entirely their fault and thus all bar a hundred or so will be waived. PHEW!!

That's it though yeah, that's three? Well seeing as the third one kinda worked itself out then maybe it isn't....oh god.

EDIT: Birds have been eating berries in the tree above my car and now my car is covered in purple bird shit. I think that's the real #3 right there.


Maja said…
Purple bird shit. Made me laugh. Hey, how are you liking I am legend?
Stu said…
gotta wash my car today :(

Finished it yesterday = great book, much better than the movie, but that's to be expected. Hence the reason I bought this T shirt a few months ago

tiff said…
Purple bird shit... you got off lightly!
Stu said…
true, but the frustrating thing is that it's a daily thing at the mo :(