There are a number of scurrilous rumours currently circulating Melbourne that suggest I may have been drunk last night. In that mix is a suggestion that upon stepping out of a maxi taxi in front of the Supper Club I stumbled forward and executed a combat roll onto the pavement. It has also been suggested that I allowed a girl to apply eyeliner and lipstick to my face in a bar in St Kilda. Again I reject these lies as nothing more than lies. I also do not care that numerous phone cam pics may or may not confirm all of the above.

The Supper Club

The Supper Club

The Supper Club


Van Strapp said…

PS. mate if you don't turn up tonight, that's it, it's over. No excuse of apology will be accepted!
Stu said…
oh it's not looking good. I am getting worse as the day unfolds. At this stage we are Chinatown bound for food and depending on how we turn out after that will depend on where or what we do.
Irishman said…
We want to see the makeup pics damnit!
Stu said…
Ha...yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen lol
Anonymous said…
after seeing your 80's pics ,
the make-up and lippy is a given ,
plus when in St Kilda ....... - Reb .
Stu said…
I'm a man of the times what can I say