P. Diddy has moved into my house, or at least his posse is hangin in my street. It goes a little something like this....back in August last year I purchased for myself a very nice new car. Then last week my employer approaches me with the news that I am to have a company car, I have X amount of dollars to spend, choose what you want only do it by the end of the week. Sheesh, I am not anywhere near to being sick of my new car yet, I mean it hasn't even been a year.

So I simply bought the same car. Hahaha yep. I added a few nice features but it's basically exactly the same only the 09 model. So now I have two shiny black Jeep Cherokees out the front of my house and I'm thinking of hiring them out as wedding cars.........no not really.

Anyone want to buy a near new Jeep?

two jeeps