I hate first night back at camp, I can never get to sleep. Add to this my disrupted sleep patterns over the weekend and it all equals me awake at 11.45pm. Man, I have to be up in 6 hours. Hopefully doing this will make me tired, god I hope so.

I snapped a few pics as we approached site this afternoon, the Pilbara always looks stunning from way up there. Pretty awesome at ground level too but when you're up high you really do get to appreciate the vastness of it all.

fortescue marsh

Still plenty of water in the Fortescue Marsh, we had some good rains this summer so it'll hang around for a while yet.

hamersley range

The Hammersley Range

Des Sitzens

Look, you just never know when a German is gonna get on board, best be prepared.

remote camp

This pic really shows how remote we are up here. That's a mining camp in the middle of the picture, not the one I'm at but it's the same deal all over these parts. It's a long way home.