What a shitty weekend this has turned out to be, I had an awesome 4 days in a row lined up to have off. Starting with dinner at Ria last Thursday night and culminating in a Tex Perkins gig at the Rosemount on Saturday night and catching up with an old friend who lives interstate on Sunday. Yep sounds great huh? Then on Friday morning it all went to shit when I woke up with a sore throat and a blocked nose. Fantastic. Thus began 3 days of self imposed exile locked up indoors. Makes for a dull boy.

So this afternoon I decided enough was enough and I needed to get outside so I shot down to Northbridge to grab a look at the walls of old Red Parrot dance club. It looked like the art piece and installation are almost complete. I also got a better insight into who painted it. I'm guessing by the similarities between the bigger piece and some of the smaller boxed pieces that Jodee Knowles is the main artist. It also looks like Creepy and a few others have their stuff in the illuminated boxes. I gotta drop by at night soon to catch that effect.

Roe st wall

red parrot wall

Side wall next to Metro City dance club

red parrot


Jodee Knowles

artists sml

Creepy and Co





more Jodee Knowles

jodee knowles

Some larger and different versions over at YeLPanorama


The Desp. said…
cool. I was wondering what they were doing with those light boxes. Will cycle past tonight to see the after dark effects
Stu said…
Drove past tonight and it wasn't lit up, still a few pieces to go in I think
The Desp said…
I finally saw the light boxes lit up last week. I thought they looked pretty good.
Stu said…
coool, thanks for reminding me to check em out