I'm back after a quick trip to Port Hedland to attend the (another) funeral of a co worker. I wont harp on about the state of indigenous health in this country, as I'm too tired, you've heard it all before and mostly because this weekend I just want to have good happy memories of my old mate.

The funeral was held in Marble Bar, so we flew up to Pt Hedland and then drove the few hundred kilometres there. Last time we had a funeral out that way we got to camp out in a very cool gorge, not this time though. We had to drive back to Hedland that night and fly home today at midday. A fast trip but a good one and a great turn out of 3 to 400 people at the funeral.

Breakfast on the plane (hello QANTAS) was fairly ordinary, we took bets on whether it would be a soggy sausage or soggy bacon. Bacon was the winner on the day.


Over the wheat belt just out of Perth


The amazing landscape of the Pilbara


Coming into Pt Hedland

pt hedland

Lunch on the way back was a lot better and even edible


It's good to be back home


Anonymous said…
i do love the way you have captured the rising sun in your pic...over your bacon and eggs

Anonymous said…
with all the co worker funerals you attend ,

it's a wonder you haven't been moved to a tent by yourself in the middle of no-where ..

You touched something you weren'tg meant to didnt you ???
( you found that crystal skull yet , 2012 is upon us )
and opened up a big can of bad juu-juu .....

I'd be seeing the local mob's medicine man or putting some lime in a coconut , and drink it all down ....

glad i'm not your co-worker - Reb
Stu said…
Mate we have a job opening as of yesterday ;)
Stu said…
I wonder what a crystal skull would be worth on the black market?