365 DAYS WEEK 14

Week 14 of my 365 Day challenge. a bit of Egypt, some Tiesto, a cartoon, the sky, a building and a piece of street art. It all adds up to a pretty cool week.


Kwality said…
Pavement. Dinosaur Jr. The Pixies. My Bloody Valentine. Plenty of bands from the early 90's getting back together. Surely it's time for the Stone Roses "Third Coming"?

On another note, I see where Primal Scream are going to perform Screamadelica in it's entirely. In London. I look forward to a tour announcement.
Stu said…
On 28 September 2009 when Ian Brown was interviewed on Nation Radio, he was asked if the Stone Roses would ever play together again. Ian replied "The chances are slim and slim's out of town"

so it's not looking good, they'd have to start talking to each other first and that's problematic. we can only hope