My brother has flown over from Queensland on business and his first request was "Let's do dinner at Jacksons". I gave him the Jacksons bug a few years ago on a visit so he's always keen to get into a Dego menu. Things had changed slightly from the last time I ate there, as in on a Saturday night you can only have the Dego menu, regular ala carte is gone and I'm so very okay with that. I think Jacksons works best when it does degustation. A winner in my books and why I rate it amongst my top five which is really 8 or something like that, I lose track.

jacksons menu


Their Dego menu is 7 courses to which we added a sorbet course and they added a further 3 courses bringing it to a total of 11 courses all up. Keep in mind that the courses are smaller than a normal meal would be but also keep in mind that you get a different glass of wine with each course. A fantastic journey of flavours and smells.

The salmon course


These below were one of the extra courses, pastry twirls filled with a liver parfait


We had two desserts and then we were given these as a final petit four with coffee.

petit fours

As always the service was impeccable, the staff have a great knowledge of what it is they're serving and each dish is explained in detail, the very same goes for the accompanying wines. It all adds up to a memorable dining moment. Be aware though that Jacksons is top end dining and so it's not cheap. The Dego costs $125, with the standard wine package it's $180 or the Premium wine package which rounds out at a cool $240 a person. Special occasions only? Quite possibly

High lights: The "steamed bun" course = wow!
Low lights: Honestly, nothing at all

Score: 9 secret courses out of 10

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tiff said…
"I want to go to there."
Stella said…
Oooo I still haven't been to Jacksons! Would love to go when I'm back in town - do you still have to book way in advance?
Stu said…
Party time at Jacksons :)
I booked 3 weeks in advance for a Sat night and no probs, months ago I tried same week and failed
Anonymous said…
Going on the 14th. Can't wait. Not looking forward to the food / beverage hangover, but what the heck!