If you read this blog occasionally you may be aware that my parents recently lived through an intense cyclone, cyclone Yasi. They were lucky in that the eye of the storm missed their place by about 50km's. Their house is new and strong so they only suffered minor damage. But now the damage to their patience and understanding has begun; they're talking to their insurance company. This is mums description of a conversation she had with a claims officer yesterday, read on, it's a bit stunning...


Hi there, during the cyclone I promised myself to be more tolerant, however the telephone conversation I had today tested my promise to the max but I held in there. I would like to share this with you;

"Good morning ##### insurance claims, can I help you?"
Yes please I would like to make a claim
"Please give me your customer number"
I did
"What is it you wish to claim?"
I would like to claim the following damage done due to cyclone Yasi, Broken fencing, water damage etc etc etc
"May I ask at what time this damage was done"
During the cyclone
"Yes but could you please tell me at exactly what time the fencing was damaged and what damaged it"
No I cannot as we were hiding from the wind and it was dark
"Surely you heard a noise and wanted to see what that was"
No not really , the only noise we heard was the roar of the wind and it was dark
"Did you not go outside and investigate?
Sorry, but it would have been too dangerous to do that
"Pardon, why?"
Because the wind was blowing at 280km a hour and we just wanted to save our lives Do you have any idea what a cyclone is?
"Yes strong winds, but madam we need a lot more reasons why you wish to make a claim and need the exact times and details"
Somewhere between 9pm and 5am, but please can you put me through to another person as I feel you and I are not on the same planet. I am very willing to be put back on hold and wait another 55 minutes to be put through to another claims officer.
"Thank you putting you through now"

Am glad to report that the next person was a lot more understanding

We are both fine and overjoyed because we were reconnected to the power today.


The Desp. said…
I think the terrorists have won.....
stu said…
hahaha yep
hadrian.blaq said…

Amazed your mum held it together. I would have probably said some unsavoury things.
stu said…
she said she lost it after the call :)