Well not really that over the top, it's just the first weekend I've really headed out and done a bunch of stuff since my op. Felt goooood to be back amongst the living again. It all began with Gaz suggesting we all meet at Nine (for visit # 12) to discuss the finer details of our planned OS trip next January (more on that later) and I never pass up an invite to Nine.

So there we are at the restaurant discussing our trip when I happen to look to my left and who should be there? None other than the one and only self confessed coffee addict, Miss Tiff herself. Which was hilarious because only the day before I had again passed her in my car at the lights on Charles st and waved at her like a dufus whilst she stared straight ahead. Pre coffee hit you see. I didn't want to bother her during her meal but I shot over afterwards and we finally met. Really cool to meet you Tiff, so funny seeing all of the others on your table too as it was like your blog had come alive. Recognised most of them.

So during dinner we finalised our itinerary and at this stage it sits as thus: Perth to KL, one night stay, then KL to LA. Pick up the hire car and drive to Anaheim for the night. Wake up and hit Disneyland. Next day it's on the road to Vegas for 2 nights, followed by an 8 day roadtrip along Route 66. We've decided not to go all the way to Chicago as the weather in January up there will make driving a bit ordinary so we're stopping at St Louis. Then a quick flight to New York for 6 nights, Stella why have you left New York? Such bad timing, we would have had fun. Then it's a flight to Venice via Dusseldorf (no real reason except that was the cheapest flight, but we have some time to visit Dusseldorf, so why not. Then after a few days in Venice, which I hope will be covered in snow, it's a fast train ride to maybe Florence and then Rome. Then it's a Rome to KL to Perth flight home. Four weeks all up, can't wait.

So Saturday morning whilst Waz dressed up in a swan costume and hung out in the city (sorry I don't have a pic but I wish I did), Gaz and I hit the travel agent and booked the trip. Excellent. Saturday night found me at Maccas for the FA cup final, not the best game but they never are. Then today it was lunch at Pete and Mars place where a bit too much wine was drunk, so much so that I had to cancel my invite to a Eurovision party tonight and hit the sack for a bit of a snooze. Daytime wine and I are not the best of companions and I guess I'm still not 100% yet. So now I'm wide awake at 1am. Not good. Hence this post. That's about it really. Like I said, not a massive weekend but enough to make me happy and helping me to feel almost normal again.

Edit: I now have a pic, that's my buddy Waz inside the swan suit, I guess he can now cross dress up like a swan and walk through the city off of his bucket list


Garry D said…

Maybe we can cut a bit of time off Venice and spend a bit longer in Dusseldorf?

Oh. OK. No.
Tiff said…
What! Seriously i must go thru life with blinders on. Haha. Sounds like an epic trip. Funnily the gals were discussing what was the best way to fly to NYC for the NY Marathon. (No, none of us are training for it)
stu said…
Gaz! Denied ;)
stu said…
Tiff: Hahaha it's more of a serious forward stare ;)

Should have said cos the cheap $1300 return to the USA deals ended on Monday :(
Waz said…
Apparently snow boarding in New Mexico is great! looking forward to it!
stu said…
Gaz and I may use our veto votes on that one ;) did you know we had the power of veto? no? oh btw we have the power of veto :)
Stella said…
Haha! Love the run ins with Tiff :) And trust the both of you to run into each other at Nine!

Oh trip to New York! Well who knows :) I could be there. We'll definitely need to meet pre New York to get you hooked up with the best local places to hang :)

Glad you're feeling better Stu!
stu said…
If we were ever going to meet it was always going to be at Nine :)

Hey you look like you're on an adventure, looking forward to watching it unfold
stu said…
oh and yes New York info, I am a sponge!