I managed to finally get back out in the field today for the first time since my operation and it felt good. Good to be back amongst it, mind you it wasn't the tough old Pilbara but it was a pleasant journey through the Dandalup forest. It was kind of like having a run in the reserves before starting with the first 11 next week. Either way it was a good day.

It didn't start out all that well though

"are we lost?"


"cos I think we're lost"


"yeah but I think we turn left and go that way"

forest with car

"I dunno, it's a pretty thick forest"


"yeah well we better put our coloured heads together and work this out"

heads down

"hey you coloured heads, I think we should go straight, not left"

that way maybe

"okay, we'll give that a shot"


"whatevs, I'm gonna stare at these grass trees"

grass trees

"you know what, screw it, it's morning tea time"

morning tea

"hey there's a fun guy!"


"so you just pour the cement into the Hessian bags, let em dry, remove the bag and you have an instant bridge support"


cement bricks

"creeks never get lost"


We finally found our way to the survey area, only took us 3 hours and surprisingly only 45 minutes to get back. Take a wrong turn in a forest where all the trees look the same and you are one sorry arsed bunch of lost environment officers and archaeologists. But it didn't matter, we got it all done and had a cruisy day. Good times.


Anonymous said…
spend some of that hard earned (lol)
on one of tese

stu said…
oh, I had the latest Garmin in my hot little hand but the client didn't want to give me co-ords and were keen to use their map. Seeing as I get paid by the hour i was fine sitting back enjoying the ride ;)